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Product Funder, Inc.

Product Funder is the best way to get your invention to market. From design to delivery, Product Funder has the tools to make your product a reality.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is raising money through a group of people (the “crowd”) to finance a project, charity, or business.

Rewards-Based Crowdfunding

Product Funder uses rewards-based crowdfunding, where a user creates a project and gathers support by offering rewards that they commit to fulfill after completing the project.


Years of industry experience have shown us that the process for getting a product to market is relatively repeatable. The process length changes from industry-to-industry-- a medical product takes longer than a single injection molded part--but it can be distilled into what we call the Design-Fund-Create cycle.


Design your game-changing product utilizing Product Funder’s Trusted Partner Network.


Gather support for your product through friends, family, local and national press, and the power of the crowd.


Produce your product using Product Funder’s Trusted Partner Network.

Accountable Crowd Funding

With consumer products there are more steps to the process than other traditionally crowdfunding projects. Given the increased level of involvement, Product Funder introduces the Medal System. Each step in the process can be rated and evaluated. Here is an example of some of the questions that a user would answer in the project creation stage:

  None Bronze Silver Gold
Design In Place? Idea Only Napkin Sketch CAD Concept Full CAD
Prototype In Hand? No Prototype Rough Model Non-Functional Prototype Functional, Aesthetic Prototype
Manufacturer In Place? Don't Know Manufacturers Contacted Manufacturers Gathered Manufacturing Quotes Manufacturer Selected
Finished Parts In Hand? No Finished Parts First Manufacturing Samples Approved Samples Final Parts
Marketing/Financial/Distribution Plan? No Planning Done One of Three Two of Three All Three
Outside Audit/Due Diligence to Confirm Medals - - - -

These medals are a method of self-evaluation and are self-awarded, so you are encouraged to prove that you have earned the medals in your project description or video. You are not expected to have "Gold" for all stages; the medals are just a quick way for potential funders to evaluate your project and to have an understanding of how ready you are to deliver rewards. If you find that you are deficient in any area, you can get help from our Trusted Partner Network.

Trusted Partner Network

Product Funder's Trusted Partner Network (TPN) is able to help with any step of the process that you can't do yourself. For instance, if you need help with producing a working prototype, we can connect you with a rapid prototyping provider. If you need a quote on injection molding of a part, we can connect you with an injection molder that has experience with similar products. If you need advice on Intellectual Property (IP), we can get you in touch with a patent lawyer with experience in your category. These resources are found in the project creation dashboard, so go ahead and propose your project today!

Audit System

As further verification of your project, especially if you have intellectual property or a trade secret you don't want to share openly, you can hire an outside auditor to substantiate any aspect of your project. An outside auditor can verify your medals, further adding to your credibility.