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Folf Club - The Ultimate Disc Golf Launcher

By David Yakos


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At our design firm,Salient Technologies, we have designed hundreds of products for other companies and inventors; products from space valves to sporting goods, kitchen gadgets to medical products. Many of our designs have been awarded product of the year in their industry. We are excited to introduce a product of our own… it’s a new spin on disc golf… we call it The Folf Club. (discs not included)

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The Folf Club is the ultimate disc golf launcher. It takes advantage of an extended throwing arm allowing the user to throw over 2 times further with the same amount of effort. Engineered from a high strength recyclable polymer, the Folf Club can easily help you throw greater distances. Designed with an ergonomic grip and a consistent release system, the Folf Club allows for maximum flight.

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The Folf Club works with the majority of standard disc golf discs. (note: discs are not included) It works for both right and left handed players, men and women, young and old. To use, simply roll the disc into the slot… take aim… swing… and watch it soar. There are over 4000 established disc golf courses, most which are free to the community. Without changing the sport of disc golf, the Folf Club is for those who simply want to mix it up a bit, throw like the pros, and have just a little more fun.

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We are ready to launch this product with your help! We have rigorously tested proof-of-concepts and rapid prototype samples (Rapid Prototypes pictured above). We have completed industrial design, trademarks, and started tooling a proven design. With your help, we can cover final tooling and start manufacturing. With our experience, we can ensure high quality products delivered in a reasonable time frame. The Folf Club will be injection molded out of a recyclable polymer in one of our strategic partner’s state-of-the-art facilities right here in the United States.

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Testing the original proof of concept prototypes and early samples of the Folf Club here in Bozeman Montana, we have discovered how a simple swing can yield amazing distance. This helps those of us that just can’t throw very far, have the tendency to overthrow, and those of us who simply want to throw ridiculously far.

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Please take a look through our breakdown of pledges and hopefully you find a place to come along side of us, so we can launch the Folf Club together. Thank you for your time and support! (note: discs are not included)

You can also visit us on Facebook or at

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We knew that the Folf Club would be a great tool to help keep dogs entertained too. We have been asked many times if this will work with a dog... the answer is yes. This ultimate disc launcher can provide hours of exercise and fun. So if your dog loves to chase discs, this is for you... and your dog. Alt Text

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Medal Questions & Answers


Design in place?

Full CAD


Marketing/Financial/Distribution Plan?

Two of Three


Do you have manufacturing in place?

Manufacturer Settled On


Prototype in hand?

Functional Prototype

Finished parts in hand?

Approved Samples





Project Ended

This project is only funded IF at least $6,500.00 is pledged by

May 31, 2013, noon

Funding Levels

Name Drop| $5.00 or more
4 Funders
Your name and a Thank You for launching the Folf Club with us on the web page
Early Bird Folf Club (free shipping)| $15.00 or more
21 Funders
Limited: 21 of 200 taken
1 Folf Club - Vivid Green, free shipping, and a thank you on the web page- Limited Qty 200
Limited Edition Stealth Folf Club| $20.00 or more
17 Funders
Limited: 17 of 50 taken
1 Folf Club in Stealth Black, numbered limited edition of the first 50 off the line (free shipping), and a "Thank You" on the web page
Folf Club - Below the radar| $20.00 or more
5 Funders
1 Folf Club - Vivid Green, (including shipping and handling), and no name drop or thank you on the web page
Folf Club| $20.00 or more
2 Funders
1 Folf Club - Vivid Green, (including shipping and handling), and a thank you on the web page
Disc and a Thrower (Folf or Fetch)| $30.00 or more
8 Funders
1 standard disc golf disc and 1 Folf Club - Vivid Green, (including shipping and handling), and a thank you on the web page. Fun for those that don't already have a collection of discs or for those that want to play fetch with the dog
Party Pack of 5| $65.00 or more
10 Funders
5 Folf Clubs - Vivid Green, and a thank you on the web page
12 Pack| $120.00 or more
14 Funders
12 Folf Clubs - Vivid Green, shipping, and a thank you on the web page (optional).
Get Serious,150 Folf Clubs| $1,250.00 or more
1 Funder
150 Folf Clubs - Vivid Green, shipping, and a extra big thank you on the web page (optional).
Game with the Team| $2,500.00 or more
0 Funders
1 Folf Club and a Game with the Folf Club team on the course across the street from Headquarters, roundtrip airfare from the lower 48 to Bozeman, Tour of the factory and a extra big thank you on the web page for helping us launch (optional).